NFL Offensive Players Betting Picks: Week 16 Power Rankings

NFL Offensive Players Betting Picks: Week 16 Power Rankings

Everyone loves to see points up on the scoreboard. This season has seen its fair share of offensive fireworks. In putting our offensive rankings together, we’re not looking at who is the most valuable to his team; we’re looking at who has the best statistics and who has made a difference in his team’s offense.

Here are some of the top players in this week’s offensive player rankings. Let’s jump right into action so you can continue betting against the NFL odds.

NFL Offensive Player Rankings for Week 16 of the 2021 Season

1. Jonathan Taylor

Taylor could end up winning the NFL MVP award this season. Taylor has been the key to Indianapolis’s turnaround. Taylor has rushed for just over 1500 yards this season with 17 touchdowns.

He’s averaging an astounding 5.6 yards per carry. Taylor is very versatile, as he can also come out of the backfield and catch passes. He has 36 receptions for 336 yards and two touchdowns.

He’s averaging just over nine yards per catch. Taylor has been the best offensive player in the NFL this season, and he could surpass the 2000 yard rushing mark if things go his way.

2. Cooper Kupp

We knew Cooper Kupp was good, but who knew he was this good? Kupp does have Matthew Stafford to thank for his tremendous season. If Jared Goff were still under center for the Rams, Kupp would still have good numbers, but probably nowhere near where he is at now.

Kupp has 113 receptions for 1489 yards with 12 touchdowns. He’s averaging just over 13 yards per catch. Kupp has been the best receiver in the game this season, and defenses have yet to figure out a way to stop him.

3. Aaron Rodgers

While the first game of the season was a clunker, Rodgers has been extraordinary ever since. Green Bay has the best record in the NFL, and much of that is owed to Rodgers.

He has thrown for 3,487 yards with 30 touchdowns and just four interceptions. Rodgers isn’t blessed with numerous Pro Bowl receivers, but he still gets the job done. This could be the best season that he’s ever had, considering all of the circumstances that have surrounded this season. 

4. Justin Herbert

Herbert and Patrick Mahomes are the two quarterbacks that many people see as the future of the league. Herbert has had another tremendous season. This just being his second season in the league, Herbert has exceeded expectations.

Herbert has thrown for over 4000 yards with 32 touchdowns and 12 interceptions. Herbert has the Chargers in the thick of the AFC playoff race, and if the Chargers get in, they’ll be a team that nobody wants to face, and that is because nobody wants to face Herbert. 

5. Deebo Samuel

Samuel has had a breakout season for the San Francisco 49ers. They’ve used him in numerous ways. Just recently, they have been lining him up in the backfield, and that has caused some mismatches for the defense.

He has missed some time due to injury, but he has still amassed over 1000 yards receiving with five touchdowns. He’s also rushed for nearly 300 yards. Samuel is a big weapon, and he’s giving defenses fits. 


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