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2023 - 09 - 27 13:00+00:00
2023 - 09 - 27 14:00+00:00
Durasovic, + Viktor Events
Real time odds for Durasovic, Viktor and Tirante, Thiago Agustin and the rest of 2023 - 09 - 27 13:00+00:00 games.
Durasovic, Viktor v Tirante, Thiago Agustin

09/27 - 01:00 PM




ATP Challenger Bogota, Colombia Men Singles - Tirante, Thiago Agustin vs. Durasovic, Viktor


Tirante, Thiago Agustin

Durasovic, Viktor

2023 - 09 - 27 16:30+00:00
2023 - 09 - 27 17:30+00:00
Olivo + R Events
Real time odds for Olivo R / Tirante T A and Mejia N / Urrea A and the rest of 2023 - 09 - 27 16:30+00:00 games.
Olivo R / Tirante T A v Mejia N / Urrea A

09/27 - 04:30 PM




ATP Challenger Bogota, Colombia Men Doubles - Mejia N / Urrea A vs. Olivo R / Tirante T A


Mejia N / Urrea A

Olivo R / Tirante T A

2023 - 09 - 30 11:10+00:00
2023 - 09 - 30 12:10+00:00
Nueva + Chicago Events
Real time odds for Nueva Chicago and Almirante Brown and the rest of 2023 - 09 - 30 11:10+00:00 games.
Nueva Chicago v Almirante Brown

09/30 - 11:10 AM




Primera Nacional - Almirante Brown vs. Nueva Chicago


Nueva Chicago

Almirante Brown

2023 - 09 - 30 16:00+00:00
2023 - 09 - 30 17:00+00:00
Germany Events
Real time odds for Germany and Iran and the rest of 2023 - 09 - 30 16:00+00:00 games.
Germany v Iran

09/30 - 04:00 PM




Olympic Games Qualification, Intercontinental - Iran vs. Germany




2023 - 10 - 01 12:30+00:00
2023 - 10 - 01 13:30+00:00
CD + Mirandes Events
Real time odds for Cd Mirandes and Real Zaragoza and the rest of 2023 - 10 - 01 12:30+00:00 games.
Cd Mirandes v Real Zaragoza

10/01 - 12:30 PM




LaLiga 2 - Real Zaragoza vs. CD Mirandes


CD Mirandes

Real Zaragoza

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Iranian World Cup Betting Odds

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Iran vs USA Odds, Pick & Analysis - FIFA World Cup Betting

Iran vs USA Odds, Pick & Analysis – FIFA World Cup Betting

The third game of group B brings Iran vs. USA, which will decide who will go to the knockout stage. The US team came with prepared players, and it seemed like they have a great chance of getting out of the group stage, but it will be very difficult for them in this last game.

The great thing is that other great teams are also struggling, except France, which will go through with two wins. Finishing in the first place will matter a lot because they wouldn’t want to get a stronger opponent in the first game of the knockout stage. Check out FIFA World Cup Odds, analysis, and a free pick for Iran versus USA. 

2022 FIFA World Cup Betting Analysis: Iran vs USA Group B Matchup

Team News and Form

The game against England was probably the most difficult for them in the group stage, and the draw looked like a great start because England is one of the favored teams to win the Cup. They showed great potential, and most fans thought they would score more against Wales in the first match, but they need to win against Iran now.

They are in better form compared to Iran, but both teams will give everything they got because it is the last chance to go further in the tournament. It’s expected to be a lot of yellow cards and potentially a red card if someone scores an early goal.

Iran vs USA Lineups

Iran will start with Hosseini on the goal because their main goalkeeper won’t be able to play due to an injury. This is a handicap for them, but everything will be on the defensive players to keep him safe.

This includes Rezaeian on the right side and Mohammad on the left, and Pouraliagnji and Hosseini in the middle near the goalkeeper. The rest is the same, with Ezatolahi, Hajsafi, and Noorollahi in the middle and Azmoun, Taremi, and Gholizadeh in the attack.

Everyone will be ready for the USA squad, including Turner on the goal and Robinson, Ream, Zimmerman, and Dest in the backline. Adams, McKennie, and Musah will be in the middle supporting Pulisic, Wright, and Weak, who will be on the offensive. Everyone is relying on Pulisic to make a miracle, but he might be very tired from the last two games.

Group B

England is in first place with four points, Iran in the second with three, USA in third with two, and Wales in the last spot with one point. This seems like what everyone expected from the start, except that Iran will the in second place, but nothing is over when you don’t have a team with two wins. England will most likely go through, but the second spot is open for everyone.

Iran vs USA Predictions

USA has a better team when you compare the individual players, and they started to invest more in their team over the years. Iran has a strong team, but they were a bit lucky against Wales, so it’s expected that the USA will win. If they score an early goal, you can expect the over to hit!


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