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07/27 - 11:00 AM

Olympic Games - Surfing - Winner

Olympic Games Winner - Olympic Games - Surfing - Winner

07/27 - 03:48 PM

Olympic Games - Surfing - Women - Winner

Olympic Games Women Winner - Olympic Games - Surfing - Women - Winner


Surfing Odds | Bets on the Top Surfers


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Combining the best of both worlds for surfers and tandem surfers, surfing allows individuals or pairs to ride the forward face of a moving wave towards the shore on a board.


History of Surf

The history of surfing stretches back thousands of years, with evidence suggesting it might be one of the oldest sports in the world.

Early forms of wave riding have been documented in cultures like the Moche people of Peru who used reed watercraft for fishing and recreation, that’s over 3,500+ years ago.

The Polynesians are credited with developing the sport we know today.

Captain James Cook’s voyage to Hawaii documented surfing for the first time in the Western world back in 1778.

Surfing gained popularity in the early 20th century, thanks to figures like Duke Kahanamoku who brought the sport to California.

From the iconic surf culture of the 1960s to the high-performance surfing competitions of today, the sport continues to evolve.


Surf in the Olympics

Surfing’s Olympic debut was a landmark moment for the sport with it’s inclusion in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

The addition of surfing to the Olympics has brought the sport to a wider audience and further solidified its position as a major international competition.

So, on the next Olympics coming up, start thinking about placing your bets on the top surfers.


Surfing Lines | Surf Betting Online

While surfing betting might be less extensive than major sports, still, MyBookie offers bets on surfing events like the Olympics or professional surfing competitions.

So, will it be Kelly Slater’s experience or Italo Ferreira’s youthful exuberance that takes the gold?

Head over to our Olympic surfing betting page now and place your bets on who will ride the wave to victory!

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Olympic Surfing Betting Lines

Catch the biggest wave of excitement with our Olympic Surfing coverage!

Witness elite athletes from around the world showcase their skill and courage as they navigate challenging waves and perform awe-inspiring maneuvers.

While you can’t wager on the outcome here, you can still enjoy the drama and athleticism of Men’s and Women’s Surfing as they compete for Olympic glory.

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